Exercise Jade

the new blog and a hike

Tonight I installed the WordPress personal publishing platform, that is, blogging software. I am really impressed with WordPress – an open source software that uses PHP and MySQL, two things I don’t understand. Fortunately, it looks like I can use the WordPress software with little understanding of those two technologies. If anyone has access to a server and is looking to have their own blog, I definitely recommend WordPress. Their installation tutorial was very easy and I found my blog up in running within 10 minutes. This was a little longer than their 5-minute claim but this is because I have never touched the PHP and SQL portions of my server.

Ok, now that I got that behind me. My sister and I hiked to the Cascades (in Southwest Virginia) this afternoon with Jade. Although it only lasted 2-hours, this was Jade’s first hike. She did really well considering most of the trail was covered with either ice or hard-packed snow. In fact, Jade demonstrated greater balance than either myself or Leigh Anne. I suppose the dog has the four-wheel drive where we humans only have two-wheel drive. And even though we were hiking on ice for two hours, Jade maintained a high energy level and never complained about her paws even though they were in constant contact with the cold ice. I think she will be a good hiking dog – when off the leash she remained close even though other hikers and dogs were in the vicinity.

This is a black-and-white picture of Jade that I took once I arrived back home. This was the only moment she was conscious – the rest of the time she has been sleeping. I think we effectively wore her out with the hike.

Black and white picture of Jade

I’ve been thinking of making a goal to hike at least 30 times in 2006. That could be one of my New Year’s resolutions. Logically, hiking seems to be a great idea because (1) it is good exercise, (2) reduces stress, (3) gives me an opportunity to practice photography, and (4) it is a great release for all of Jade’s pent-up energy. Thirty times would correspond to approximately once every two weeks. I could chronicle my hikes with descriptions and pictures that might actually make my blog useful! Hmm… I wonder if I could actually be that disciplined. From past experience, I usually always fail at goals that involve exercise.