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Despite being a poor graduate student, two of my favorite interests are personal finance and investing. My interest in the stock market began during my senior year of high school mainly due to discussions with my dad. Shortly after graduating from high school, I bought my first shares of stocks. These included some large-cap stocks like 3M, Kodak, and GM. I have been slowly building up my portfolio ever since with the limited income I have received as a college and graduate student. Even though I only deal with a little money, I think it was great for me to jump in early. One of the key ideas I discovered very early on was the sooner you start investing, the better due to the compounding nature of investments.

Anyhow, I started searching for interesting websites related to investing – particularly those with an emphasis on long-term, buy-and-hold investments. Here are a few results from today’s search.

  • I Will Teach You to be Rich
    This is a personal blog by Ramit Sethi – a recent graduate of Stanford. This blog has been mentioned the Wall Street Journal and offers a lot of information and techniques that I agree with. He also provides links to other reputable websites.
  • Road To Rich
    This is a personal blog of a 22 year old working at a NYC investment bank. He/she appears to be well educated and knows a lot about investing. I plan to be a dedicated reader of this particular blog. Here is an example post about dollar-cost averaging. Although it is such a basic concept, I am always amazed and intrigued by the simplicity and effectiveness of dollar-cost averaging.
  • Savvy Saver Blog
    This is another financial blog of a 27-year old. This blog has been active for over a year and looks like a great read. Beyond investing, this blog also appears to advocate living below your means and making smart decisions with your money
  • My Money Blog
    This is another blog by a 27-year old. He has contributed to this blog for a considerable amount of time. Beyond regular financial ideas, the blog contians an imaginary portfolio that is tracked and compared to the S&P500.

As you can probably see, I have an interest in financial blogs written by people in my age range under similar circumstance. Fortunately for these bloggers, they appear to all be making money by this point while I am still in school shooting for a PhD. However, one day I hope to get out of school and make money so I don’t think there is any harm in learning the ropes of financial investments in my current state (that is, as a poor grad student).

And now for a picture of the dog. This is Jade freezing on the ice at my parent’s house in Virginia. I don’t think we’re in Arizona anymore, Jade.

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