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new year’s resolutions

So it’s that time of year again to play the new year’s resolution game. I have lost 20 years in a row (I am not counting the first six years since I was too young to play). But I feel confident that this may be the year that I can actually accomplish one of my goals. I am older and mature-r – yeah, that’s it!

But anyhow, right now, I can think of three primary goals…

  1. HikingOne of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking. Tucson is a great hiking area, providing great hikes throughout the year. In the summer, you hike up in the mountains in moderate temperatures. And in the winter, you hike down in the desert, again to moderate temperatures. I also have a hiking companion now – my dog Jade. The only complication with the dog is avoiding the cacti and wildlife (i.e. snakes). But either way, I know a lot of my friends enjoy hiking. Plus it is a good form of exercise and a great opportunity to practice another hobby – photography.
  2. So my resolution is to do 30 hikes in 2006. This corresponds to approximately a hike every other week. I am not going to set any constraints on length or time – as long as I am out of the house and exercising – it counts as a hike in my book.

  3. The DentistThis resolution I really hate. I can hear the dentist drill as I write. But it has been way too long since I have been to the dentist. In all the student insurance I have had, I never get dental coverage so I have avoided going to the dentist for just that reason (plus the fact that I just generally hate the dentist). Unfortunately, I can’t wait till I get a full time job – I might not have any teeth by that point. So my second resolution is to find a dentist in Tucson, get a checkup, and then have my multiple cavities filled. Oh man! This is going to cost me a fortune
  4. PhotographyI have always enjoyed photography but seldom practice it. Right now, I have a point-and-shoot digital camera (Canon, 5MP). I am always tempted to spend a lot of money on a nice digital SLR. Before I purchase such a camera, I need to prove to myself that I can put in the effort to get out of the house and explore interesting, photogenic areas with my simple point-and-shoot. Consequently, my resolution is to take 50 photographs that I deem acceptable during 2006. As a reward, I can buy a Nikon digital SLR.