Exercise Jade

a little walk

Today, Jade and I went on a 11.7-mile walk on the Huckleberry trail. This is a paved trail that goes from the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg to the Blacksburg Library. I attempted to jog in some areas but would quickly slow to a walk after a few strides. My plan is to start running for exercise as long as my joints hold up. Anyhow, it was nice walk although there were a few patches of ice on the trail.

This serves as my first hike for my New Year’s resolution to complete 30 hikes in the next year. I am not putting too much emphasis on a strict start date, that is, even though it is still 2005, this hike will count towards my goal.

Num Date Name of Hike Miles
1 12-29-05 Huckleberry Trail, VA 11.7