Exercise Jade

mcafee’s knob

Today, Jade and I hiked McAfee’s knob. This hike was just over 7-miles. Although this is a relatively short hike, the trail had a significant elevation change. With the elevation and yesterday’s adventure, I was struggling on this hike. I believe it would be an easy-to-moderate hike had I not walked eleven miles yesterday. But since my muscles were pretty sore before beginning, this hike was more of at a moderate-to-difficult level for myself today.

Despite all my whining, Jade and I did make it to the signature overlook of McAfee’s knob. A picture is shown below. I think it is an ugly picture but at least you can get a sense of the overlook. I find Virginia not to be photogenic during the winter – especially when there is no snow around. All the trees have lost their leaves and the brown skeletons of those deciduous trees are not appealing to the eye. Surprisingly, we don’t have many evergreen trees. They do exist but the deciduous out-number the evergreens by far.

The McAfee Overlook

So this concludes my 2nd hike of 30. The official tally is…

Num Date Name of Hike Miles
1 12-29-05 Huckleberry Trail, VA 11.7
2 12-30-05 McAfee’s Knob, VA 7.2
Total 18.9