gb study notes

Prior to my trip back to Tucson, I purchased a book to read during the flight. I chose a book by Pat Dorsey at Morningstar entitled The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing. To be honest, I hadn’t really heard much about this book but I figured it was worth checking out since it was from Morningstar – my favorite investing website. I got halfway through the book yesterday and was really impressed – so much so that I thought I should put more effort into the book to try to extract and memorize all the important concepts. I’ve found in my many years of school (albeit in science, math, and engineering) that writing a series of note sheets clarifies the material. It also helps in the memorization of key points.

Consequently, I am going to back up and start writing my study notes for the book. I hope these notes will be helpful to others although they may be compressed significantly from the material covered in the book. Helpful or not, this is a great investing book and I definitely recommend it for both beginning and intermediate investors (I still consider myself a rookie). I know these notes are going to be benificial for me but hopefully they will be helpful to someone else as well.