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2016 Resolutions: A Bunch of Failures

Well… time to face the music. I didn’t perform as well as I have in past years but, with the goal of being honest, here’s how I did with my 2016 resolutions.

Fitness and Nutrition

  • Run 400 miles
    Like previous years I didn’t start running until June, which meant I had a lot of miles to make up for the first half of the year where I did no running. During the summer months I was regularly running 12 miles on the weekend. I was making good progress until about October when my weekends were consumed first with the house hunting and second by moving to the new house. Moving away from my normal running path as well as colder temperatures also served as two hurdles for getting back to running late in the year.

    In the end, I ran a total of 270 miles in 2016. Although it is quite short of my original goal of 400, I’m still pretty happy to have logged that many miles.

  • Complete 150 hours of physical activity
    Even as late as September, I was well ahead of schedule for achieving 150 hours. Unfortunately, all momentum halted due to the move to the new house. I ended up with about 125 hours of physical activity. Pretty close but still missed this resolution. If I was a little more flexible with my definition of physical activity, I’m sure I could have come up with an extra 25 hours of activity, such as dog walks, moving, mowing, etc.
  • No sweetened beverages
    I still have not consumed a soda since November 26, 2015 making it 402 straight days with out a soda. I did have a few hot chocolates and sweetened coffee during the course of the year but these were few and far between.

Lifelong Learning

  • Complete Five Courses or Textbooks
  • Read Fifty-Two Books
    I only completed 25 books for the year.
  • Read Fifty-Two Articles
    I’ve read a bunch of articles for work but haven’t really kept track of numbers.


  • Higher Savings Rate
    I was saving pretty effectively until September but then the home purchase occurred. I felt like I was hemorrhaging money at that point. Trying to get back on track for next year.

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