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Quick Trip to Delaware

I was playing around on the internet this morning and came across the site where you can create custom maps. In a map of the United States, I started clicking all the states I have visited. I was surprised how many I have been to – there are only a few remaining states remaining. Unfortunately those missing states are all in the middle of the country and visiting them brings the same dread I feel for visiting a dentist. The one exception was Delaware. I couldn’t remember a single time being in Delaware.

As Delaware is only 2 hours away, I took a quick road trip to Dover, which turned into an interesting adventure due to the snowy weather. Although there was a little accumulation near D.C, there was probably about 4″ of snow in Dover, which made driving a little more interesting. Anyway, I stopped in Dover for lunch. Instead of exploring the area though, I felt that I probably needed to head back as the snow was still coming down pretty hard.

Anyways, here’s the map of all the states I’ve visited. Notice Delaware has now been checked off the list.

A few pictures from the trip:
20160107 Snowy Drive//
20160107 Delaware//

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