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Mid-January Review

As part of my resolutions, I hope to review my progress twice a month. For the first half of January I did quite well.


  • Healthy Food: I made some good, healthy dinners courtesy of Blue Apron. With the exception of Chipotle, I think I ate completely vegetarian for my dinners. I might try to make a commitment to only eat vegetarian for the rest of my January dinners. To be honest, I’m motivated by health reasons although alleviating some small fraction of animal suffering could be a perk. Only negative is I’ve had a lot of Chipotle in the past 15 days. For the rest of January I’m going to limit Chipotle to only once a week.
    GRADE: A-
  • Sweetened Beverages: I had no sweetened beverages for these first 15 days of 2017. I’ve been drinking solely water or tea. The plan is to continue this progress. 416 days without a soda!
    GRADE: A+
  • Less Cafeteria Food: I have failed on this resolution so far although I’m trying to choose lighter options in the cafeteria. I’m going to try to start small the next two weeks: 2 packed meals for the week of the 15th and 3 packed meals for the week of the 22nd.
    GRADE: D
  • Less Sweets: I have done really well at home and have had no sweets (don’t have any in the house). At work I have also done well (no cookies or deserts from cafeteria) although I have had a few weak moments with candy and chocolate people have brought in. Goal for the rest of this month is to have no sweets at work too.
    GRADE: B+


  • Running: I am ahead of schedule of where I need to be. I’ve run 29.6 miles so far. Having the treadmill has definitely made it easier for me to accumulate some running miles in these cold winter weeks. I have even made a little tool to help me track my progress. My goal for the rest of this month is to maintain the progress I’ve made so far in January.
    GRADE: A+
  • Physical Activity Hours: All of my physical activity has come in the form of running so far. I’ve logged 4.5 hours of running but this is approximately 2 hours short of where I should be. I need to get out of the house on the weekends. For these cold months, that probably means hiking.
    GRADE: C+


  • Retirement Savings: I maximized my retirement savings.
    GRADE: A+
  • Personal Stock Account: I haven’t made any contributions yet simply due to some big purchases associated with the house. I should start making progress on this in the upcoming weeks.
    GRADE: F
  • Giving: I have met my charitable goals so far. Just need to maintain my progress.
    GRADE: A


  • Photography: I took a weekend trip last weekend to Delaware – just so I can I visited the state of Delaware. I took a few photos but the snowy weather prevented me from really exploring too much. I put in an effort but didn’t make much progress. This weekend I stayed at home due to weather and then a home improvement project. I should make progress in the upcoming weeks.
    GRADE: C
  • Travel: I did make that one day trip to Delaware. No travel beyond that but I won’t punish myself too much as it isn’t reasonable to expect travel every 15 days.
    GRADE: B


  • Books: I completed one book: Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer. It was recommended in a podcast I listen to. It’s one of those vegetarian books. It didn’t really convince me to drop all meat and become vegetarian but it was good to learn more of the vegetarian perspective and I think I am making progress towards eating more vegetables than meat and hopefully I can make the switch one day (I even got the veggie burrito from Chipotle this evening).
    GRADE: A+

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