Norway Trip – Day 2

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Our second day was mostly more travel to the Lofoten archipelago in Northern Norway. Our day started with breakfast at Hotel Oleana. The breakfast at Norwegian hotels definitely outclasses the standard breakfast at US hotels. The breakfast buffet had a wide array of options like eggs, bacon, sausage, yogurt, oatmeal and granola, bread, cheese, ham, and croissants. With about an hour to burn before going to the airport, we explored downtown Bergen. The city was quiet and calm for this sunny Sunday morning.

Our flight to Lofoten took us through Bodo to a small airport in Leknes, Norway. The Bodo airport was surprising large and we got a nice lunch there. I had a tomato and mozzarella sandwich. After arriving at Leknes, we purchased a few snacks from a grocery store before driving southwest for about an hour and half to the town of Å. Our lodging for the next two nights was a rorbuer – something like a fishing hut or cabin. The rorbuer was located right above the water – this might have been my favorite stay of the trip due to the unique environment and experience.

View From Rorbuer
The view from my bedroom window in the Å rorbuer.
A Rorbuer bedroom
My bedroom in the rorbuer.

After dropping off our luggage at the rubeur, we headed out to the first hike of our trip – Reinebringen. After driving north for about 15 minutes, we stopped at a nondescript parking lot off the side of the road. After hiking about 10 minutes along the road, we started the hike up towards Reinebringen peak. This was a really steep trail but fortunately somebody put a lot of effort of laying rock-based steps to the top. A 3D topographic map of our GPS track is included below.

Map of Reinebringen Hike
GPS Track for the Reinebringen Hike.

After about 45 minutes of climbing 1600 ft, we arrived at the ridge that provides a bird’s eye view of Reine. A few photos from this hike are included below.

Reinebringen Hike 3
Example of the all the steps used to climb Reinebringen.
Reinebringen Hike 5
View of Reine (the town) and Reinevatnet (the lake) from the Reinebringen ridge.
Reinebringen Hike 1
A view of nearby mountain Gylltinden from the ledge of Reinebringen Trail.
Reinebringen Hike 2
Another view from the Reinebringen ridge showing the town of Reine.

After reaching an elevation of 1575 ft (Reinebringen peak is at 2185 ft), we followed the trail back to our car. For the last photo of the day, I captured a quick photo of the Djupfjorden near the parking lot.

Reinebringen Hike 4
The Djupfjorden taken from the main road.

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