AT Day Hike – May 29, 2021

Completed a 16.1 mile day hike during a rainy and cold Saturday. The temperatures were in the low 40s. Fortunately, the rain mostly stopped after the first hour. If I do more of these hikes, I definitely need to upgrade my rain gear. The wet eventually soaked through my jacket after about an hour.

The highlight of this hike was seeing an Eastern Newt on the trail. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these guys – probably because I never hike in the rain.

Eastern Newt
The Eastern Newt

Only about 8 more miles until New Jersey!


Hiking the AT – October 10, 2020

Made a little more progress on the AT today. The hike was mostly uneventful. Rather than rattlesnakes, the animal of the day was spiders. I don’t know if the spiders are more active or whether I was hiking a less populated area of the trail but I was walking through spider webs all day, often with spiders hitching a ride on me. The major culprit was the Spined Micrathena. I found several of these spiders on me after passing through their webs.

I also saw this gnarly looking spider on the trail. I believe this is a Fierce Orbweaver. Despite its fierce appearance, apparently it is harmless.

Hiking - October 10, 2020

It feels like I’m maybe a week before the peak color in the area. You can start to see some color though.


Hiking the AT – October 2, 2020

This 14.5 mi hike from Eckville, PA to Port Clinton, PA took me about 5 hours and 20 minutes. This is a pretty popular part of the trail with The Pinnacle and The Pulpit Rock overlooks on the trail. Even on a Friday morning, I passed several dozen people on the trail. For reference, previous hikes to the west I would occasionally see maybe 5-10 people.

October 2 2020 Hike

Hiking the AT – August 15, 2020

This weekend’s adventure was a 16.8 mile hike along the AT north of Fort Indiantown Gap. I started the hike at Clark’s Valley Rd around 9:30am and finished around 3:30pm. I left Max at home for this hike. The highlight of the hike was running into another Timber Rattlesnake (I saw three of these rattlesnakes last weekend). This snake was coiled up just to the left of the trail. Fortunately, a fellow hiker gave me some warning otherwise I probably would have hiked right past and never noticed it. Like last week, the snake was very still and didn’t seem agitated (no rattle). I just gave him a wide berth and continued on.


I also got a few pictures of some interesting insects along the hike. The following is a Milkweed Tiger Moth (late instar stage).



Hiking the AT – August 8, 2020

Max and I completed a 20 mile section between Duncannon, PA and the crossing of Clark’s Valley Rd. The best moment of the hike was running into these three timber rattlesnakes. With all my hiking on the east coast, I’ve never seen a single rattlesnake. This weekend I was treated to three rattlesnakes! I was a safe distance away and they didn’t seem threatened (no rattling) so it was definitely a fun and enjoyable moment.

Timber Rattlesnakes

There were a couple of good overlooks on this portion of the trails. Here’s one of my favorite views from the hike.

Kinter View

I also crossed the Susquehanna River on today’s hike. This was around 3pm in the blazing August sun so I wasn’t feeling to great when I took this photo but it was a nice view.

Susquehanna River