Useless Stuff

January Review


  • Healthy Food: I ate at least six healthy meals each week in January, of course, I’m referring to my Blue Apron meals. I did eat too often at the cafeteria and had moments of weakness, like yesterday when I ate about a dozen chocolate chip cookies and three chocolate muffins – a gift from my sister. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my progress although there is room for much improvement in February.
    GRADE: B
  • Sweetened Beverages: I had no sweetened beverages in January. I’ve been drinking solely water or tea. The plan is to continue this progress. 438 days without a soda!
    GRADE: A+
  • Less Cafeteria Food: I packed on a few occasions so not a true F but only a hair above failing. My goal for February should be just to improve on January’s result – which should be easy as I would just need to pack four times.
    GRADE: D
  • Less Sweets: I did well early in the month but started slipping towards the end of the month. I will need to step up my game in February.
    GRADE: C-


  • Running: Doing great here. The treadmill has enabled me to run regularly and I’m about 200% of where I need to be to reach my goal of 365 miles this year.
    GRADE: A+
  • Physical Activity Hours: All of my physical activity has come in the form of running so far. Need to do some other activities.
    GRADE: C


  • Retirement Savings: Feel like I’ve done well here.
    GRADE: A
  • Personal Stock Account: All my investments have gone to retirement in January. Once I hit the 401(k) limit, I should be able to make more progress here.
    GRADE: F
  • Giving: I have met my charitable goals so far. Just need to maintain my progress.
    GRADE: A


  • Photography: Nothing.
    GRADE: D
  • Travel: I did make that one day trip to Delaware.
    GRADE: B


  • Books: I completed one book: Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer. It was recommended in a podcast I listen to. It’s one of those vegetarian books. It didn’t really convince me to drop all meat and become vegetarian but it was good to learn more of the vegetarian perspective and I think I am making progress towards eating more vegetables than meat and hopefully I can make the switch one day (I even got the veggie burrito from Chipotle this evening). Need to speed it up if I’m going to hit 30 books this year.
    GRADE: C

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